Sandro Mancuso Codurance

Sandro Mancuso has been coding since a very young age but only started his professional career in 1996. He has worked for startups, software houses, product companies, international consultancy companies, and investment banks. He has a lot of experience in bringing the Software Craftsmanship ideology and Extreme Programming practices to organisations of all sizes. In October 2013, Sandro co-founded Codurance (, a consultancy company based on Software Craftsmanship principles and values, as described in his book (
Sandro’s involvement in Software Craftsmanship started in 2010, when he co-founded the London Software Craftsmanship Community ( (LSCC), which has become, the largest and most active Software Craftsmanship community in the world, with more than 2000 craftsmen.



Konferenciju organiziraju Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika i Hrvatska udruga Java korisnika. 

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